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Affordable living space

It’s always been our aim to create affordable living spaces for everyone with contemporary, high-quality furnishings.

Ownership instead of rent

We believe that ownership makes people more resilient and independent by ensuring sustainable wealth accumulation.

Exploiting market potential

We develop attractive investment models for investors who want to take advantage of the momentum in the domestic real estate market.

New project by Whitestone: Mirabelle Premium Suites

Your property.

Whether in a retirement- or in a luxury-apartment, whether on the outskirts in the countryside or in a city center with corners where it can be loud. With the right planning, every living space can become a dream home. This is what the expertise of the founders of Whitestone Investment Advisory and their hand-picked team stand for.

on daily basis*

*Especially for our customers and consultants 🙂 **Developed area incl. Residential, commercial and office properties

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30 years of expertise in property development

Team of Experts

Norbert Galfusz has been working in project management and property development in the CEE region since 1990. In 2000 he was a founding member and partner of Whitestone Investment together with Balazs Györke and Zwerenz & Krause AG. As Managing Director of Whitestone Investment Advisory GmbH based in Vienna, Mr. Galfusz has been responsible for project acquisition as well as for maintaining investor relations since 2014. Mr. Galfusz is a state-certified real estate trustee, real estate agent and property developer.

Generating profit with real estate developments

The Whitestone group of companies has been operating successfully in the development and financing of commercial real estate such as offices, business parks and shopping centers since 2000. With the establishment of Whitestone Investment Advisory GmbH in Vienna in 2014, the founders focus their activities on the development of residential construction projects in Vienna and the surrounding area. Learn more…

High demand for modern living space.

Momentum: Vienna is the seventh largest city in the EU and soon 2 million people will be living and working in this attractive economic area. The continuing influx into the state capital and its so-called city belt from all over Austria as well as from neighboring countries is fueling further growth in the domestic housing market.

The most livable city in the world.

Study proves: The New York consulting company MERCER has crowned Vienna the most livable city in the world for the 8th (!) consecutive time ; well ahead of Zurich (Switzerland) and Auckland (New Zealand). The city of Vienna scores with social security, the best medical care, relatively cheap places to study and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

Prices for real estate still within reach.

Expected increase in value: Despite the increased prices for residential property in the Greater Vienna area, there is still some room for higher earnings by international comparison. Currently one can buy around 147 m2 of living space in Vienna for 1 million US dollars. In Monaco, the most expensive place to live in the world, you can get no more than 17 m2 for this amount, followed by Hong Kong with 20 m2 and London with 22 m2.

By participating in the development and construction of real estate projects, Whitestone offers investors the opportunity to participate in the businesses of its project companies at short notice and with high returns.

Despite various crises, the Vienna real estate market has proven to be extremely resilient in recent years and has driven the average purchase price for residential property by 50% in the last 5 years alone; within the city belt even by 80%.

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, we hereby comply with the permission to publish the investment information sheet in accordance with Section 13, Paragraph 2, Clause 1 of the Property Contract Act. Download document here.

Invest directly in the developer:


Order bonds with fixed interest rates from 6% to 7.45% p.a. starting at EUR 500

Effective immediately, Whitestone Investment Advisory GmbH is issuing registered bonds with fixed interest rates starting at a nominal value of EUR 500. The minimum terms are defined until December 31, 2026 or December 31, 2028. After that, investors can extend for yet another year with the same conditions applied.

Download the MORE VALUE PAPER 2022 folder now:



The qualified subordinated loan with a fixed interest rate of 6.5% to 8.4% p.a. now from EUR 250

This recently launched R.E.A.L. INZEREST 2.0 participation model in the property development business of Whitestone Investment Advisory GmbH is a fixed-interest, qualified subordinated loan with a minimum term of 2, 4 or 6 full calendar years from a nominal value of EUR 250.00.

Download the R.E.A.L. INTERERST 2.0 folder now:


Whitestone grants private and institutional investors, who do not want to expose their investment capital to the volatile stock markets or opaque cryptocurrency prices or are not satisfied with the real loss in value on ordinary savings accounts with the current interest rates, attractive participation models with direct investments into the company’s property development business.

With the issue of registered bonds with fixed interest (6% and 7.45% p.a.), investors can invest in the real estate development business of Whitestone Investment Advisory from a minimum nominal amount of €500 plus premium.

A order bond is a registered bond, a so-called registered security. The issuer is obliged to make the payments to the creditor appearing in the register of names, which the issuer has to keep. In general, a debt security, also known as a bond, is a security for which the debtor (issuer) undertakes to pay the creditor the debt and interest.

Qualifying subordinated loans basically work like a bond or a loan. The investor lends money to a company for a certain period of time under certain conditions. Interest is paid on an annual or monthly basis.

Bond is a collective term for fixed income, long-term debt obligations. Synonyms and appropriate terms for borrowing are: loan, bond, debenture, obligation, bond and fixed-income security (with fixed and variable interest).

With a participation in Whitestone Investment Advisory GmbH in the form of registered bonds or qualified subordinated loans, investors participate in the economic success of all projects of the company in the selected period. This diversification enables participation in the profits of several projects in the form of annual bonus payments and can at the same time distribute the project risk accordingly among these projects.

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